Dynamic Personalization

Deliver meaningful personal experiences.

Dynamic personalization capabilities provide marketers the unique ability to use rich media asset templates to easily manipulate the content and properties of images and display banners for streamlined localization, targeted promotions, or personalized content variations. Visual authoring and rendering tools are included to allow the creation of immersive virtual product builders and configurators. These features dramatically reduce the time and cost to deliver unique and sophisticated online visual experiences.

Experience Dynamic Personalization

Right size, right fit: uniquely personal experiences
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Experience Dynamic Personalization

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Dynamic Images

One master file...endless possibilities.

Create any number of interactive experiences via a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. Quickly author, publish, deliver, and iterate mixed media viewers, Shoppable Video, banners, carousels, customized video players, 360 spin sets and more.

Shoppable Video

Enhance video with engaging, interactive moments.

  • Quick-View ready
  • Drag-and-drop build
  • Boost Conversion

Create shoppable video experiences in seconds.

Map quick-views, links, or product detail pages to cue points in video. Add scrolling side panels and call to actions that create an intuitive and interactive experience. Build engaging, shoppable media elements featuring video and product imagery using Dynamic Media in the easy-to-use Adobe Experience Manager Assets interface.

  • High Cost and Complexity
    3 of 4 Marketers are creating and managing over TEN TIMES the assets today to support increasing channels
  • Low Engagement
    87% Marketers say developing engaging content is a constant challenge

Dynamic &
Responsive Imaging

Perfect content, perfect size, perfectly delivered.

Upload a full-size master asset and Dynamic Media intelligently converts and delivers assets just-in-time and upon request. Eliminating duplicate files and repetitive workflow processes, Dynamic Media dramatically decreases costs while sharply increasing efficiency and content velocity.

Built-in Responsive Web Design library and viewers assure images and rich media content are automatically sized for any device. Combine auto-sensing for desktop and mobile experiences with High Definition screen detection, to deliver optimized assets for perfect experiences.

  • Delivery Renditions
    Delivery dynamic images via a single URL, with access to over 80 transforming commands, including: size, color swapping, crop, and sharpening.
  • Responsive Image Library
    Automate and ramp-up content velocity using the included RWD library, automatically assuring properly formatted and optimized content for all screen sizes.
  • Reduced Cost
    Reduce content production and storage costs by leveraging a single master file approach.

Interactive Hotspots

Engage with Shoppable Hot Spots.

  • 77% Perceive a site to be easier to navigate if shoppable hotspots are present
  • 66% Found enough information to make a purchase decision
  • 72% Found it easy to find relevant product information
  • Dynamic Assets

    Maximize asset value, drive conversion, and positive customer experiences.

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  • Live Demos

    Test drive live examples of Dynamic Media powered experiences.

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