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Enhanced service delivery and operational excellence

Take advantage of Adobe Design Framework to empower your employees to take charge of service delivery and achieve operational excellence. Unlike frameworks from other providers which are just structured and organized, Adobe also provides an industry-leading user interface with intuitive authoring tools and re-usable components that make the process effortless and efficient. Using our proprietary framework, you can take any conceptual design and deploy it online while effortlessly meeting brand guidelines and accessibility standards, then measure and demonstrate its impact on service delivery and operations.

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Digital equity, inclusion, and accessibility

Your site may get visitors who differ in their abilities to see, perceive colors, hear, control emotions, concentrate, and understand concepts. It is crucial to adapt your website to be able to deliver a consistent and equal experience for everyone. Using Adobe Web Modernization Framework, it is easy to apply design principles that deliver inclusive, multi-lingual experiences for people with a diverse range of disabilities, impairments, and limitations. Our experts will work with you to co-create these inclusive experiences by leveraging text alternatives, structuring content logically, and utilizing color contrast, amongst other tactics.

Adobe for All

Inclusion, accessibility, and diversity are at the core of Adobe's culture.

"Inclusion, accessibility, and diversity are at the core of Adobe culture. Adobe values—genuine, innovative, involved, and exceptional—are built on the foundation that our people and how we treat one another are what makes us a great company. Diversity is about valuing the unique life experiences that every employee brings to work every day. Our success is dependent upon it."

— Shantanu Narayen, Chairman & CEO

Rapid Content Delivery

Rapid content delivery and improved constituent satisfaction

Adobe Web Modernization Framework provides a robust technical foundation to manage multiple websites at an enterprise level while empowering non-technical authors to create content, easily and quickly. This helps close the skill gap between stakeholders and web developers—thereby reducing the dependency on technical teams and accelerating content-creation. With drag-and-drop, no-code components, and other easy-to-use functionalities, you can empower your teams to create seamless, personalized, and inclusive government experiences.

Security & compliance

Security & compliance

It is crucial to ensure that your website security and protection are airtight. As a government entity, your constituents trust that when they visit your website and associated pages, they are protected from any cyber vulnerabilities or threats. It’s important to maintain and sustain that trust. You can maintain that trust with secure, cloud-managed services from Adobe that use the agility of the cloud to launch innovations faster and easily scale up or down with demand. Cloud Manager for Adobe Experience Manager also provides the security (ISO 27001, SOC-2) and compliance (FedRAMP, GLBA, HIPAA) you need for data security and privacy. Additionally, the Web Modernization Framework allows you to leverage the built-in security and permissions of Adobe Experience Manager so that your employees can access only the pages, components and interactions which are approved for a particular use case.

Save cost by democratizing development

Save cost by democratizing development

By empowering your non-technical authors to create content, our Web Modernization Framework helps you close the gap between stakeholders, information officers, and IT by increasing the number of potential authors and decreasing the traditionally long content delivery lifecycle. You will also get access to a robust set of components to create and deliver self-service experiences that allow your constituents to interact online, thereby reducing call-center load and the need for manual intervention. Additionally, you can use Adobe Analytics to get real performance insights and make smart decisions on which experiences need to be optimized to further reduce costs.

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