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Featured Clients

State of Illinois

State of Illinois

The state wanted to modernize its key digital properties to meet the increased demand for digital services triggered by the pandemic. Adobe Professional Services not only helped them achieve that but also refreshed their brand and did a pilot migration of one website into the Design Framework, in preparation for a full state-wide migration. This helped them achieve a 20% increase in accessibility scores, a 62% increase in link and readability quality which reduced traffic to phones and facilities, and a 23% improvement in digital certainty which reduced bounce rates and improved visibility.

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South Central State

South-central State

Adobe Professional Services helped this south-central state to modernize and consolidate all its digital properties using an Integrated Digital Framework. It helped migrate 25 state agency websites with over 33,000 pages to the new platform within 5 months, Adobe also helped refresh the branding and bring consistency across dozens of migrated sites. This ensured a unified, seamless online experience for its constituents and empowered its workforce with capabilities such as automated e-signatures and digital document processing while operating remotely during the pandemic.

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The power of the Web Modernization Framework

  • Create best-in-class experiences and improve service delivery Our human-centered approach to design helps match content and audiences intuitively. We use a clear information architecture for ease of use and navigation; and skillfully use color, layout, font etc. for a consistent and cohesive look—thereby helping you deliver compelling experiences and improve service delivery which in turn helps build constituent trust.
  • Create, edit, and launch content without technical expertise Our library of 100+ drag and drop components enables non-technical users to author and publish content at an unprecedented speed—thereby eliminating dependency on technical teams and reducing development and maintenance costs.
  • Ensure compliance with modern accessibility, quality assurance, and security standards All component functionality is built in conformance with and tested against standards of accessibility and quality, authoring best practices, with adequate security measures— ensuring an intuitive and secure web experience for your constituents.


Accessibility Score

Average increase after migrating to the Web Modernization Framework


UX Maturity Score

Average increase in adherence to UX best practices

10 mins


On average, it takes less than 10 minutes to update page content



Over 100 drag & drop components

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