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Give sales a big story to sell.

Let us show you how it’s done.

With Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS), you can create interactive apps that inform, educate, and empower sales teams to draw customers into engaging conversations — helping you seal the deal and drive revenue.

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Benefits that empower sales teams — and drive sales.

Give your sales teams a way to tell your story in a more engaging, interactive way and customers will listen. Enable your marketing team to update content themselves and be more responsive to sales. Free your creatives to develop amazing apps that immerse customers in your story. You can do all that and more with DPS. And when you do, you’ll see a genuine impact on sales.

  • Deliver memorable client experiences.

    • Pull customers in with interactivity.
      Show engaging content with slide shows, audio, video, scrolling, 360-degree rotation, panoramas, pan and zoom, hyperlinks, and HTML5 animations.
    • Leave behind a lasting impression.
      Give sales reps the ability to share content easily — before, during, and after meetings — through email or social networks. No more lugging around brochures and booklets.
  • Improve sales productivity.

    • Break through the noise.
      Push notifications automatically let reps know about new or updated content — putting the info they need right at their fingertips, not buried in their inbox.
    • Keep content current.
      No more out-of-date information. Required folio updates ensure reps stay engaged and up-to-date with current content.
  • Improve training and onboarding.

    • See what’s working. Or not.
      With built-in analytics reports, you know which pieces of content work to drive deals and you can adjust their placement and prominence to benefit your bottom line.
    • Learn from your success.
      Integration with CRM systems, like Salesforce, lets you see which pieces of content your top salespeople are using most and share that insight with the rest of your team.
  • Deliver high-impact content.

    • Tell a more compelling story with interactivity.
      Create engaging content with slide shows, audio, video, scrolling, 360-degree rotation, panoramas, pan and zoom, hyperlinks, and HTML5 animations.
    • Make the most of CMS integration.
      DPS works with leading content management systems, like Adobe Experience Manager. So it’s easy and cost effective to repurpose content you’ve published on the web or mobile web — in your apps.
  • Keep content current.

    • Make sure they see it.
      No more easily ignored emails. Built-in push notifications get noticed and ensure new or updated sales content is seen by your reps.
    • Make sure it’s relevant.
      No more wasting the sales team’s time. DPS lets you target the right content to the right sales reps — so they only see what’s relevant to them.
  • Measure and refine content.

    • See what’s working. Or not.
      A baseline analytics dashboard and integration with Adobe Analytics give you a view into performance — app downloads, installs, interactivity, and content effectiveness. You can then refine content based on these results.
    • Correlate the effect on sales.
      Integration with CRM platforms, like Salesforce, lets you correlate content viewership to sales and revenue impact.
    • Create high impact content that works.
      Set your ideas in motion and craft an engaging, persuasive story that salespeople can tell over and over again. Create an immersive experience with dynamic slide shows, audio, video, scrolling, 360-degree rotation, panoramas, pan and zoom, hyperlinks, and HTML5 animation.
    • Get it done using the tools you know and love. No coding required.
      Deliver a beautiful, pixel perfect experience — no design sacrifices — with the tools you use everyday. With Adobe InDesign, merge rich page layouts and sophisticated typography with a new level of interactivity — no coding needed.
    • Deliver delight to every platform.
      Give your sales reps a great experience no matter which device they use. Create content for iOS, then use the DPS native Android and Windows viewers to maintain the same engaging, interactive experience on any tablet or phone.
    • Maintain your brand integrity — everywhere.
      Enjoy total creative control over your app experience, ensuring a consistent expression of your brand and a story that your sales reps can deliver the way you envision it.
    • Review content quickly and easily.
      Capture valuable feedback and keep your projects moving. Seamlessly share work in progress — with peers and approvers — using Content Viewer on an iPad, Android or Windows tablet.

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Adobe finds a better way to better sales.

We used DPS to create the Adobe Readiness Toolkit, a mobile app that puts everything our sales reps need right at their fingertips — our entire library of playbooks, product demos, and presentations — now accessible anywhere, anytime.

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  • Sotheby’s International Realty app opens doors for sales affiliates.

    Selling extraordinary homes requires extraordinary tools. The Anthology app helps more than 15,000 sales affiliates worldwide market their services. It highlights the benefits, message, and promise of the brand — and saves the firm more than $1 million in printing and distribution every year.

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  • Rémy Cointreau’s app mixes a new blend for success.

    This global producer of spirits trains sales teams and engages customers with a single app that blends mobility, interactive features, and engaging videos. No more lugging around briefcases full of printed materials or laptops. Cheers to flexibility!

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  • Pacific Life invests wisely in sales — with apps.

    This life insurance company’s apps ensure sales reps have everything they need to tell a persuasive story, in a modern way, to customers. Built-in analytics measure the impact of specific pieces of content, providing insights that may shorten the sales cycle. And a small design team familiar with Adobe InDesign created the app and can update it without the help of IT — saving time and money.

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  • Stryker Orthopaedics’ apps are the backbone of sales support.

    With DPS, Stryker Orthopaedics enabled its sales reps to engage with physicians in a compelling way by showing instead of telling. Detailed and interactive medical illustrations bring surgical products and techniques to life. The company moved away from expensive custom-developed apps — and in just 2 years, achieved a 78% usage rate and a 56% reduction in print costs.

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Survey finds technology key to sales enablement.

Sales and marketing professionals believe they must reinvent their sales enablement strategy to be successful in a mobile world. Learn more in the Adobe study, “Closing the deal: The state of sales enablement.”

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Drive revenue with sales enablement apps: White paper.

See how DPS lets you create interactive presentations, playbooks, coaching tools, and training content that’s memorable and engaging. Learn how you can impact revenue with features like built-in analytics and CRM integration.

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Introducing your sales app. Conveniently built by our experts.

Now Adobe Consulting can build your app from start to finish. With features proven to drive sales. And training so your team can update content. The new DPS for sales enablement solution gets your salespeople the persuasive app they need quickly and easily.

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