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Global survey results and insights on digital citizen services.

Governments are close, but fall short when meeting constituents' experiential needs online.

People expect compelling, convenient experiences when engaging with their government online. According to research conducted by Adobe and the WPP Government & Public Sector Practice, the current approaches to digital government services can be improved.

Research Scope

How many?
7,000+ individuals
How many?
7 countries

Calculating a complete digital experience.

Well-designed digital services incorporate and balance five dimensions. High performance in each of these aspects together enables seamless, tailored, and complete experiences that meet current digital best practices.

Citizens want online public services that are highly functional, efficient, and well designed. More fundamentally, they want a positive experience tailored to them and that supports a state-citizen relationship or dialogue.


Governments perform best in dimensions that citizens deem less important to their experience

The most significant finding in the research was that, in general, governments are doing better in the dimensions their constituents care less about, while coming up short in those rated as most important:

  • Citizens ranked the more advanced and emotive dimensions, including relevance, relationship, and design, as “most important” to their overall satisfaction with online government services.
  • Survey respondents, however, indicated their governments performed better on the basic functional dimensions, including citizen journey and mobile.

Governments can improve by focusing closely on citizen needs

Invest in the more advanced and emotive elements of online services

At a time when trust in government is at an all-time low in many countries while spending on digital services is high, it is critical that governments prioritize the areas of online services that matter most to citizens.

  1. 1st Design Design
  2. 2nd Relationship Relationship
  3. 3rd Relevance Relevance
  4. 4th Mobile Mobile
  5. 5th Citizen journey Citizen journey

Providing an enhanced online experience that focuses on the relevance and relationship dimensions can produce invaluable outcomes:

  • Increase uptake of online government services. Driving greater efficiency and benefits for citizens and governments

  • Support citizens in completing transactions more accurately. Reducing errors and avoiding more costly contact.

  • Reduce the need for offline support, driving greater efficiency and refocusing face-to-face contact on those most in need of additional support.

  • Increase optimization, allowing governments to measure and continually adapt services to citizen needs.

  • Meet and exceed expectations, positioning governments as competent to deliver services in the 21st century.

  • Engage citizens, providing a widely available interface for dialogue and building of trust between the citizen and state.

Citizen Experience Checklist

Key steps governments can take to meet citizen expectations:

  • Deploy responsive forms that are relevant to the user and the device.
  • Design services that meet the specific needs of citizens — not one-size-fits-all.
  • Design experiences that can be optimized and that use device features.
  • Implement analytical capabilities to measure performance and improve services.
  • Prioritize personalization using smart, tailored data that provides a 360-degree view of the user.

The Exponential of Experiences

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