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For the sixth year in a row, Gartner has recognized Adobe Experience Manager Sites as a Leader in Web Content Management (WCM).

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Today, more and more customers see the digital face of your company most often. So you have to create, manage, and deliver amazing digital experiences everywhere. With all the juggling, personalizing, and optimizing you have to do — innovative web content management is more important than ever. That’s where we shine.

A leader stands apart. But never alone.

When it comes to choosing a WCM solution, the right partner makes all the difference.
See what the experts have to say about Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

  • Named a leading web content management solution by Gartner for six straight years.

  • Recognized for cutting-edge technology that’s ideal for companies with high digital aspirations.

  • Proven to be a strong and consistent leader with a solution that many think of as unbeatable.

There’s lots of talk about leadership. Let’s talk results.

  • +56%

    T-Mobile’s sales are off the hook, and the value of customer orders has increased +56% with the help of Experience Manager Sites.

  • +30%

    MasterCard credits design simplicity for engaging audiences and improving website traffic by 30% in just two weeks.

  • +20%

    Philips’ ability to test and optimize their web pages led to a 20% improvement in customer click-through rates.

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Invest in tomorrow’s technology for results today.

“Brands must move quickly to meet consumer expectations of personalized experiences that are consistent across the customer journey. Adobe Experience Manager provides a leading content platform for both mid market companies and enterprises to innovate and realize their digital transformation strategies quickly for competitive advantage.”

— Aseem Chandra, vice president,
Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target

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True leaders make things happen. They always innovate. Keep their customers close. And plan for the future. See what a leader in web content management can do for your business.

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