Digital should be
second nature,
not a second language.

Today, students communicate in a language richer than any used before in the classroom. Beyond words, they use sounds, videos, and images. It’s called digital literacy, and it empowers students to create engaging communication, develop a personal brand, and differentiate themselves in the search of a successful career. For students, it’s an expectation. Among universities, it’s a necessity.

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Prepare your students for a digital future

In choosing a university, students make their decision based on the academic opportunities, as well as employment potential upon graduation. Universities who deliver on post-graduation career placements gain lifelong patrons.

Here’s how digital literacy can change everything for your students:


Students can explore new ways to collaborate, create and communicate ideas, projects, or research.


Students can share their stories and ideas in digitally persuasive ways, giving them an advantage in the job market.


Students are empowered to express themselves in digitally compelling ways and build a personal brand through an e-portfolio or website.

These institutions have empowered students in all areas of study with Creative Cloud.

Find out how Neal, from San Jose State University, brought all of his skill sets together to create explore the future of digital publication with Creative Cloud.

See how Clemson University student, Lea Anna, is using Creative Cloud to create a competitive portfolio and strong personal brand.

Learn how Jaden is using Creative Cloud at University of Utah to nurture the kinds of diverse creative and programming skills employers are seeking.

Here’s why leading universities are
boosting digital literacy.

“Adobe Creative Cloud apps provide students with the tools to produce engaging and impactful pieces of visual communication, regardless of the field or discipline. Whether you’re an engineer or a marketing professional, you still need presentation and storytelling skills.”

– Jim Bottum, former CIO and Vice Provost for Computing & Information Technology, Clemson University

“The new Adobe alliance will prepare our students for the next generation of content creation and collaboration that is being adopted by the business world, and provide our faculty and staff with more modern and efficient tools for sharing and creating digital assets.”

– Kenneth Freeman, vice president & chief information officer, Webster University

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Find out which tech courses your students should take.

No matter their major, having tech skills can give your students a leg up. That’s why Forbes has put together a list of college courses every student should take — whatever their area of study. Give your students the advantage to beat the competition later down the road with these courses.

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Teach your students the universal language of digital.

The world is becoming more digital. This means students need the creative skills to succeed in the innovation economy. Watch Digital Literacy, Creativity, and Invention for Learners in the Digital Economy to learn how Clemson University is preparing students for the modern workplace.

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Invest in the future of every student.

For a secure future, your students need to not only speak the language of digital, but they have to be well versed in it. Read Growing Digital and learn how you can give your students the skills to create opportunities that will pay dividends long after graduation.

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