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Adobe Analytics is all about customer intelligence. And that’s why we’ve been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics 2016 report.

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For us, analytics is more fundamental to a business than just gathering interesting stats. It’s about turning insights into action. It’s about understanding audiences. Optimizing campaigns. Targeting relevant content. And gathering complete, real-time customer intelligence. In short, it’s about using data insights to drive every aspect of your business.

“Adobe Analytics is core to what we do. It’s how we get all of our numbers about customers’ online interactions, down to the hotel level. Each hotel has its own dashboard, so they can view how strategies are performing in real time. These insights can be combined with page testing to increase bookings and other measures of engagement.”

– Ellen Lee, senior vice president of global digital, Hyatt


Here’s a glimpse into how we help our customers.

  • 170%

    Through the use of Adobe Analytics, Netapp transformed data into actionable insight that lead to a 170% increase in site-wide engagement.

  • 33%

    Identifying their most high-value audiences and helping partners target more relevant customer segments, boosted landing page conversion by 33 percent.

  • 1,100%

    By analyzing their customers’ behaviors and preferences, the home store hhgregg better targeted its online content, boosting digital channel revenue by 1,100 percent.

Market-leading analytics is our core.

Adobe Analytics is one of eight products in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. But it plays a unique role. It informs and integrates all of your marketing efforts with real-time insights, detailed segmentation, and forward-looking customer intelligence.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics 2016

Here’s why we are a Leader.

  • Innovation is based on real use

    Our ongoing product development is informed by understanding our customers’ needs and their real-life solution use.

  • Integration drives action

    Adobe Analytics integrates with other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions to quickly turn insights into action.

  • Unmatched segment understanding

    The segmentation capabilities of Adobe Analytics combine uniquely deep sophistication with ease of use, intuitive reporting, and the ability to act on the insights.

Connect action to your customer intelligence.

Let us show you how to use your customers’ actions to find the next big opportunity for your business.

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