Integrate your data to dive
beneath the surface.

It’s amazing how online and offline data remains disconnected. Sculptor and conservationist, Jason deCaires Taylor knows the benefits of connecting two different worlds. In our guide, The Art of Integration, you’ll see what marketers can learn from the symbiotic relationship of Taylor’s sculptures on the floor of Molinere Bay. Read the guide to learn how to piece together all your insights and interactions into a whole view of your customers, so you can create seamless experiences with them.

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Customer data runs deep. Bring it all to
the surface with integration.

Create deeper connections with customers using these seven strategies and technologies that will help you bring together your online and offline customer experiences.

1. Integrate your data

Identify all your online and offline data then combine it all in a single, easily accessible place that can be shared among teams and departments.

2. Create whole customer profiles

Build a complete picture of your customer by integrating their online and offline traits and behaviors. Then, deliver experiences that speak directly to their needs and wants.

3. See customers across their
entire journeys.

Continue collecting and combining data so you can track individual customers across every touchpoint. Then, create richer experiences everywhere they go.

4. Connect with customers
across every device

Carefully track your customers’ device usage, so you can see patterns and stitch together identities across  devices.

5. Find more customers with
look-alike modeling.

Use algorithmic audience modeling capabilities to take what you know about your most valuable audience segments and use it to find all-new audiences with the same potential value.

6. Test your experiences and
make them even better.

Move beyond simple A/B testing and design tests targeted to specific audience segments. Using targeted testing, you’ll see what really works for your audiences.

7. Influence, predict, and enhance
the customer experience.

Use data-driven marketing tools like cross-channel analytics, predictive analytics, and advanced personalization to unite and improve physical and digital customer experiences.

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Complete the circle of
customer data.

Combine your web data with data from other channels to get a complete view of every customer. Adobe Analytics Customer 360 lets you truly understand your customers and how they interact with your brand through visualizations, cross-channel marketing capabilities, and advanced analytics.

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Making customers feel
more at home.

Home Depot uses Adobe Marketing Cloud to meet changing customer expectations. See how their data-driven focus helps them understand their customers and deliver the best customer experiences.

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