The advertising experience:
Now and next

Today’s fragmented media buying prevents advertisers from connecting with their best customers. But with a little consolidation, memorable advertising experiences are within reach.

Now: Fragmented media buying.

Patchwork platforms + Disparate data = Poor customer experiences

Many digital marketers are trying to stitch together a variety of different platforms.


Digital marketers who use three or more media-planning platforms


Digital marketers who use three or more media-buying platforms


Digital marketers who use three or more attribution platforms

Forty-four percent of digital marketers use three or more analytics platforms.
Thirty-seven percent of digital marketers use three or more data management platforms (DMP).

Every time data moves across platforms, you lose some of it.

Digital marketers who say data leakage is a top concern in media buying

What the consumer thinks now.

These ads are confusing.

65% are frustrated by inconsistent experiences across channels.

I’ve seen this ad too many times.

37% prefer to see ads less frequently.

I’m not interested in this offer.

74% say ads don’t match their interests.

Next: Connected experiences.

Integrate behind the scenes for better performance and seamless customer experiences.

Advertisers who see value in centralized ad planning, buying, reporting, and optimization

What's next for consumers.

This ad speaks to me.

80% of consumers value ads that match their needs and interests.

I’m not annoyed by these ads.

81% prefer ads with useful content that don't interrupt their online experience.

I’ll buy from this brand again.

39% prefer brands that advertise on channels they frequent.

Consolidation is good for advertisers.

BuildDirect started out using six demand-side platforms (DSPs) to manage their advertising. After consolidating their platforms, the results were eye-opening.

28% lower ad impressions, plus cost savings from wasted impressions
14% higher sales
3 hours per week time savings in media planning and buying

Reach more of your best audiences, across every channel.

Break down silos—streamline goals, strategies, and budgets. And say goodbye to media management inefficiencies.

  1. Unify your audience data.

    Identify and personally connect with more of your highest-value audience segments by unifying first-, second-, and third-party data.

  2. Pull together your ad performance.

    Save time and better allocate ad spend with a holistic view of ad performance across every channel.

  3. Practice people-based advertising.

    Know your customers. Keep the experience consistent across campaigns, channels, and devices.

Your move.

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