How digital tools put top
financial brands in the lead.

Today’s leaders in financial services are digital disruptors intent on offering experiences that drive customer loyalty and love. Let’s look at tools and tactics that differentiate leaders from fast (and not-so-fast) followers.

Tools: More than the mainstream.

In the coming year, both leaders and mainstream plan similar technology investments. But it’s what they’re doing now that has accelerated leaders’ digital transformation.

Today, leaders are using digital marketing technologies considerably more.



Using a Data Management Platform (DMP)



Using marketing attribution or media mix modeling
  • Leaders
  • Mainstream

Over the next 12 months, their priorities are more aligned:



Using multichannel analytics



Using social media platforms
  • Leaders
  • Mainstream

More Cloud.

Leaders outpace the mainstream in cloud adoption, particularly for marketing. Secure, low-cost, multi-device support powers the integrated experiences they offer.



Use cloud computing in marketing
  • Leaders
  • Mainstream

More AI.

Their edge in artificial intelligence lets leaders sift through data of all sizes and shapes, and develop insights for personalized marketing.



Use/plan to use AI in customer-facing areas
  • Leaders
  • Mainstream

Tactics: Dependent on digital.

It’s unanimous: Leaders agree digital is essential to support brokers, advisors, and agents.



Believe digital is vital/important
  • Leaders
  • Mainstream

And to support brokers, advisors, and agents, leaders will use the following in 2017.

  • 68%

    Mobile and tablet-based apps with interactive client-facing content and pitch presentations

  • 61%

    Digital forms to expedite client on-boarding

  • 49%

    Portals containing content, product information, and sales materials customized for brokers/advisors/agents

  • 44%

    Leads sourced from digital channels focused on quality, not quantity

Mobile: Making a fast move.

With fewer people stopping by banks and agencies, mobile is the way leaders will acquire customers and deepen relationships.



Say mobile will be their primary source of acquisition, or will be overtaking other channels in three years
  • Leaders
  • Mainstream

Prepare for the win.
Transform into an experience business.

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Data from "State of Digital Transformation in Financial Services," Econsultancy and Adobe, April 2017.

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