Lead with design.
End with results.

With ever-rising competition, companies must use a design-led approach to leave an impression and outperform the competition. Adobe commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting to explore the benefits of being a design-led company.

Here are the results.

Nearly half of design-led companies identify these benefits to having advanced design practices.

  • 41%
    report greater market share
  • 46%
    report a competitive advantage
  • 50%
    report more loyal customers

What is a design-led company anyway?

Companies that put design at the very core of their brand are design-led. They weave design principles into everything they do — from research and strategy to creating content. They think beyond transactions and focus on beautiful experiences that build lasting and meaningful relationships with customers.

How to thrive with design.

Three key recommendations to becoming a design-led company and gaining a competitive advantage.

  1. Don’t limit design to pushing pixels.

    Involve design throughout the entire process — not just in the finishing touch. From strategy through delivery, involving design early on will pay off in the long run.

  2. Invest in the right people, tools, and processes.

    Hire design-led thinkers. Build cross-disciplinary teams. And give them the tools and processes they need to create and deliver world-class customer experiences.

  3. Advocate design-thinking.

    Building a design-led company starts from the top-down. Have design-centric conversations. Set design-related goals. Train employees and coworkers to follow suit.

70% of design-led companies say their digital experiences out-do their competition’s.
53% of non design-led companies feel the same way.

Don’t just keep up.
Lead with design.

Here’s the design-led truth: when you put design at the center of customer experiences, you build trust and lasting relationships. In turn, you win loyalty and beat your competition.

Levels of design maturity.

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