How industry leaders
bring enterprise‑sized
businesses to
palm‑sized screens.

Three steps for making human‑centric mobile products.

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The world is transforming — due in large part to mobile. Developing for
the mobile experience is challenging for any organization, but there’s a slew of
pitfalls especially inherent to the enterprise. We caught up with industry leaders
to learn how they develop and launch mobile products.

1 Make it human.


Identify how your enterprise fits
into the lives of your customers.


Explore as many ways as possible
to meet customer needs.

Watch out

Don’t let your enterprise
processes takeover.

2 Make it real.


Cull down features
and concepts
that aren’t necessary.


Develop a minimum viable
product (MVP) that’s simplified, workable, and human, then
iterate on actual devices.


Verify with engineers
that surviving ideas
can be implemented.

3 Make sure it works.


Take advantage of enterprise
practices and risk aversion.


Continually reevaluate that the
product meets initial goals.

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Find out how you can take enterprise processes and use them
for building a mobile experience centered around the user.

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