To be an experience business,
it takes a Leader.

Forrester has recognized us as Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites (EMSS), Q2 2016 report.

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Today, what separates great businesses from the good ones is the ability to provide customers with a meaningful experience — not just a great product or service. With our unique and comprehensive marketing cloud offering, Adobe is perfectly positioned to help your company transform into an experience business.

See what businesses are doing with Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver amazing experiences to their customers.

How we are helping our customers.

“With Adobe Marketing Cloud, we benefit from a complete picture of online and offline customer interactions, ranging from service connections to calls to our call center. As a result, conversion for services has improved an astounding 44 percent by testing and optimizing promotions.”

– Rob Roy, senior vice president of digital, Comcast

  • 2x

    By empowering their global teams to deliver rich and localized online experiences, Deloitte Digital became 2X’s faster at content delivery.

  • 40%

    Tumi increased their customers’ time on their site by 40% with the use of dynamic images.

  • 4x

    L’Occitane drove four times higher conversion rates.

Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q2 2016

You have a choice to make. And we’ve made it an easy one.

“Adobe balances its direct response marketing capabilities (Campaign, Social, and Experience Manager) with advertising capabilities (Audience Manager, Media Optimizer, and Primetime), and ties them together with insights (Analytics and Target) and its Core Services offering.”

— Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q2 2016

We’re a Leader. And here’s why.

  • We put the great into integrate.

    We scored among the highest for our partner integration and got the highest scores possible for our native integration and content.*

    *Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q2 2016

  • Marketing has a spectrum of needs.
    We account for all of them.

    From content management, to fully integrated analytics, to testing, and more, Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most comprehensive EMSS in the world.

  • With our UX, easy does it.

    Adobe Marketing Cloud is accessible to your whole business, not just data scientists and IT pros. We scored a 5 out of 5 for our user experience.*

    *Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q2 2016

  • We know where the EMSS road leads.

    We received the highest possible scores for our vision, roadmap, partner ecosystem, and supporting services.*

    We have a known history, current momentum, and road paved for tomorrow.

    *Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q2 2016

Consistency is critical.
So is being a Leader.

It’s important to offer a consistent experience no matter what channel customers choose. Forrester has named us a Leader for our Adobe Campaign solution in the Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q2 2016. See why we believe our position as a leader helps you offer the kind of consistent experience that customers expect.

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