The layers of an experience-based foundation

The organizations and brands that are developing strategies and foundations to keep pace with today’s digital transformation are dominating. They’re succeeding because they’re following a revolutionary blueprint for how they go to market, based on delivering a consistent customer experience. This consistent customer experience requires a foundation made of a common set of tools and processes.

Experience Design and Creation

66% of marketers report only being able to provide personalization at a very basic level. 2

Only 10% of companies have dedicated customer experience professionals. Hiring one now gives you an advantage over those who don’t. 3

With a common layer for content, audiences, campaigns, and personalization, you can deliver consistent customer experiences.

“Firms that want to upgrade for mobile device, consolidate potentially thousands of websites, or expand to every customer touchpoint must choose a solid web content management product.” 4


Although companies today focus on multi-device, contextual experiences, 61% lack the resources to support these experiences. 5

By replacing disparate toolsets that have evolved incrementally over time, you can empower your experiences to scale in real time.

“Any organization, retailer, educator, manufacturer, or government entity needs to be able to respond to growth and potentially huge spikes in traffic, including seasonal marketing campaigns, limited-time offers, and expansion to a new country or due to a merger or acquisition.” 6


62% of marketers worry that their messaging is not integrated across touchpoints. 7

90% of consumers already are reporting using multiple devices in one day, making it difficult for organizations to ensure that experiences don’t become fragmented. 8

By allowing your experiences to build on information from a growing list of customer touchpoints — extending from shipping, delivery, arrival, and inventory through to web, mobile apps, and email — your business can always perform at its highest level.

“The cloud is your best way to layer in new functionality without rebuilding your existing platform.” 9


The average large enterprise has more than 2,000 unsecured mobile applications residing on its employees’ mobile devices at any given time. 10

Only 32% of IT decision-makers said they feel confident they can secure the mobile devices their employees use for work — whether those devices are employee-owned or owned by the organization. 11

By implementing an efficient security process that looks at a consistent protocol and infrastructure for each and every layer, process, touchpoint, and data source, you can fend off the security breaches that plague other businesses.

Daily examples are being added to the diverse list of companies whose foundations are cracking under this pressure:

  • Anthem (80 million highly sensitive patient records)
  • Ashley Madison (37 million users)
  • United States Office of Personnel Management (22 million current and former government employees)
  • VTech Holdings (12 million people, including 6.4 minors) 12


“Successful firms harness multiple, contextual inputs — like location, weather, current behavior, and past history — to individualize experiences.” 13

With a common platform of analytics that runs across all your campaigns and channels, you can run the type of rich attribution modeling or predictive analytics truly required to understand behavior at the level necessary to turn experiences into competitive advantages.

“To underpin all that we’ve put in place, a consistent digital marketing analytics dashboard across the entire business that’s harmonized across all markets, across all categories, and across all business groups, we can literally compare the results in Brazil to, say, the results in Warsaw.” 14

“You can’t afford to be bogged down in tying multiple marketing solutions together. Customers demand personalized experiences that are real time and relevant. You require a complete digital foundation that enables you to assemble experiences on the fly, without compromising on security and privacy.”

David Chang, global VP, Cognizant, Interview for The Blueprint Redefined 1

Build the right foundation.

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