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Expert Tips

Based on feedback from millions of creative professionals, we’ve discerned valuable search tips that will aid your creative team’s hunt for the perfect image. Here are four simple ways you can make every search more effective — and efficient.

Sort by > Undiscovered.

Sort your search results by “Undiscovered” to find thousands of great images that have yet to be used. Be unique. Be the first.

Adobe Stock sort by undiscovered with close up of dog. menu overlay

Add a descriptor word.

Include keywords that might describe an emotion or the feeling of a shot, those that go beyond just the subject matter. Words like “frustrated, “fun, or “candid”.

Adobe Stock using descriptor word in search with female friends laughing. search box overlay

Use Preview Crop tool.

Visualize an image in layout using custom or preset aspect ratios. Then reposition it or scale it to your needs to better determine the ideal fit.

Adobe Stock preview crop tool of motocross image.

Do a Boolean search.

Connect keywords with Boolean operators — AND, OR, and NOT — to restrict your search. Try multiple combinations to expand or narrow results.

Adobe Stock boolean search with image of apples. search box overlay

Satisfy your visual quest. Our smart search helps your creative team work better, smarter, faster using artificial intelligence and real human ingenuity.

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