Dynamic imaging: Customize images on the fly.

Responsive Imaging

Perfect the mobile experience with fully adjustable sizing and cropping capability. Sharpen, resize and crop images to the perfect fit for your mobile site.

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Resize your browser window to see responsive imaging in action.

Mobile Image Sizing

Improve page load times on all mobile devices. Your desktop site's full-size images are automatically resized to fit a smaller screen, reduce data usage and retain full resolution during zoom.

iPhone with small images
Coat Reduces image size while retaining quality.
Coat Competitors resize images, but don't retain quality.

Full-Resolution Enlarging

Deliver a cleaner mobile experience with clear, full-resolution enlarged images instead of pixelated blurs when users zoom in on their mobile devices.

Blurry image on a phone From this...
Clear image on a phone to this.

Target & Localize

Cost-effectively deliver, automate and communicate product pricing, promotions, and other important product information by layering database-driven text and other artwork on images on-the-fly.

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