Adobe Creative Camp: March 11-12, 2016

JW Marriott - Austin, TX  |  Salon E  |  Third floor

Friday, March 11

Designing for the Real World

11:00am - 12:00pm (Livestream - Adobe Twitch Channel)
Followed by a Q&A hosted by Paul Trani

Speaker: Talin Wadsworth, Adobe Senior User Experience Design Lead

We’ve all experienced the joys and agonies of the perfect comp: lining up stylish photos, perfectly sized type, and just the right amount of copy, only to have everything fall apart when the actual content crashes your carefully curated design party. Managing content is essential to insuring we end up with the best user experience in our apps and websites.

In this session, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Project Comet, a new tool that solves this problem. We’ll look at what happens to UX and product design when our tools are as dynamic and flexible as the problems we’re trying to solve.

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Celebrate the Process of Getting Things Done

12:30pm – 1:30pm (Livestream - Adobe Twitch Channel)
Followed by a Q&A hosted by Paul Trani

Speaker: Becky Simpson, Adobe Creative Resident

In the world of information overload, we’re constantly forced to curate our lives, because if we don’t, we know someone else will. Those of us who have found a career in the creative industries still need to hone our skills, manage our time, and coddle the vision that got us here in the first place. With all these distractions, how do you force yourself to stay focused and get the work done? In 2015, illustrator and designer Becky Simpson pushed herself to create a new piece of art every day for 100 days.

In this session, she will share five big lessons for prioritizing, focusing, hunkering down, and jump-starting your creativity.

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Learning New Things (without feeling like a n00b)

2:00pm – 3:00pm

Speaker: Erik Natzke, Adobe Principal Designer, Creative Technology Lab

With technology constantly evolving, it’s essential to learn new things to stay effective. Making a commitment to learning can have a big payoff, but it’s often hard to get started, and hard to not feel like a n00b in the pursuit of knowledge. Erik Natzke works as a Principal Artist-in-Residence and spends his days experimenting with everything from drones and aerial photography to typography and virtual reality.

In this session, he will share the lessons he’s learned along the way in his pursuit of knowledge.

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Harnessing the Creative Community for the Common Good

3:30pm – 4:30pm

Speaker: John Caponi, Creative Director, Adobe Studio

In a world saturated with media, it can be hard to make your social campaign stand out. Every week there is a new hash tag or another infographic that has its moment then disappears. When The Bully Project wanted to draw attention to the 13 million kids who are bullied every year, they partnered with Adobe to create a digital collaborative mosaic made up of pieces from artists around the world who shared their own experiences of bullying.

Using examples from the Bully Project Mural, this session will give you insight into the best practices and challenges in raising awareness of your social cause while drawing the best from creatives in your community.

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Saturday, March 12

The (Very) Hard Work of Creating UI Consistency

9:30am – 10:30am

Speaker: Shawn Cheris, Adobe Senior Experience Design Manager

Websites like Dribble and Behance are full of UI ‹redesigns› of popular software like Photoshop, but what does it take to make that happen in the real world? What if you were tasked with executing a common visual language across dozens of products? And what if those products spanned completely different user bases, business units, operating systems, and technical frameworks? That’s exactly the challenge Adobe faced over the last two years.

In this session, Shawn will reveal the trials, tribulations, successes, failures, cat-herding, and lessons learned while trying to get 12,000 people moving in one visual direction.

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Six Things Every Designer Should Do Right Now

11:00am – 12:00pm (Livestream - Adobe Twitch Channel)
Followed by a Q&A hosted by Dave Werner

Speaker: Paul Trani, Adobe Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist

Ever stumble across a Photoshop tip you wish you had known years ago? Wonder how you can collaborate better with other designers? Could you use help learning how to create for mobile devices? Too often we get so caught up in deadlines that we don’t take time to learn new things that can help us get work done faster and better.

This session will take you through the top tips and tools that every designer needs to be more productive. We&rquo;ll cover overall design, HTML, CSS, and images, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud products like Photoshop. You’ll leave the session with specific actions that will help you spend less time redoing and more time creating.

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Creating Lasting Branding Systems

12:30pm – 1:30pm (Livestream - Adobe Twitch Channel)
Followed by a Q&A hosted by Paul Trani

Speaker: Sonja Hernandez, Adobe Senior Experience Designer

Designing a visual branding system for 10 products can be a challenge, even with a great team and hard work. So imagine the challenge of designing a system for more than 100 products, each of which targets different customers and is sold in different ways. How do you create a unique visual language that grows as new products are introduced and still feels relevant year after year?

This session will talk about how to address these challenges while looking at the history and evolution of the Adobe branding system. Sonja will discuss how moving from boxed software to subscriptions changed everything and the difficulties of evolving a large system while staying modern and relevant.

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Video 2026: Innovation, Ubiquity and More Slo-Mo Explosions

2:00pm – 3:00pm

Speaker: Dave Werner, Adobe Senior Experience Designer

Video is rapidly evolving. Our social media feeds are increasingly filled with auto-playing videos. Cable TV and appointment viewing are losing ground to internet-enabled apps and services. You can now film a 4K movie with your phone and have an app automatically generate all your edits. And in the near future, 360-degree virtual-reality experiences will become actual reality.

Join Adobe Senior Experience Designer Dave Werner as he highlights the current data and emerging trends and makes some bold predictions about the future of video.

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Making Space for Genuine Event Experiences

3:30pm - 4:30pm

Speaker: Libby Nicholaou, Adobe Creative Community Liaison

The current generation of conferences is enriching the tech and design industry, giving people an opportunity to connect with peers in the creative community who can collaborate and help bring their projects to life. Events like Brooklyn Beta and Creative Mornings, crafted specifically to connect people organically, have paved the way for valuable community building.

This session will explore the unique structure and experiences of these events, and provide insights for anyone who wants to create an authentic experience for their attendees.

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