Your guide to winning the personalization race.

The most important component for brand relevance and long-term customer relationship is the ability to deliver captivating experiences that feel personal, every time.

Your web experience foundation is the technology-mix that gives you control—so you can make updates, manage assets, measure performance and deliver personalized experiences—all from a centralized platform.

With a web experience foundation, you can:

  • Manage

    your content for all devices from a single platform.

  • Track and compare

    customer preferences and actions.

  • Analyze

    marketing impact and ROI to optimize experiences.

  • Control

    your campaigns without requiring IT resources.

Ability to accelerate time-to-market for experiences, offers, campaigns.


Why accelerate?

In 2009, the average enterprise website used two technologies. These technologies might have been a video player, remarketing pixel or an analytics solution. To install these technologies, lines of JavaScript code, known as tags, are embedded in the code of web pages. The complexity for the organizations has increased multi-fold considering an average enterprise website typically has 20 different technologies and a multitude of tags associated with them. For organizations, the burden to effectively and intelligently manage these technologies to rapidly push experiences to audiences has never been heavier.

What you need

A good tag management solution: For businesses to deliver top-notch customer experiences, the technologies used to deliver those experiences must work well, work together, and be easily managed. A good tag management solution can help accelerate how quickly brands can make changes to their websites to improve the customer experience.

A good tag management solution can help you:
  • Easily roll out changes.
  • Lower skill dependency.
  • Extend your implementation.
  • Simplify tag validation.

Uninterrupted, holistic view of the customer journey.


What makes it critical?

As your empowered customers hop channels and devices, you need to have a 360-degree view of their journey so you can deliver experiences and offers that feel personal and relevant, every time.

What you need

A common customer ID across touchpoints: Solutions like Adobe Experience Cloud ID (ECID) can help you achieve this by enabling you to leverage all your customer intelligence to provide amazing experiences, regardless of the channel.

  • Adobe Experience Cloud ID allows you to track individual customers—not just the devices they use—across your web experiences with a common identifier called the common ID.

Ability to identify customers
beyond their many devices.


What’s this multi-device-world complexity?

As marketers, we sometimes slip into this trap of spamming our consumers with products, offers or services that solve problems they don't have. Oftentimes, it’s not that we don’t have the right product. Rather, we don’t have the right context.

What you need

Intelligence to drive people-based marketing: People-based marketing means that you don’t treat a device as a person. Instead, you link devices that are used by the same person and then treat that person as an individual across all their devices1.

For example, you can take advantage of Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op2, a network of world's recognized brands cooperating to share device data, to recognize devices that are linked to the same person and identify consumers across digital touchpoints.

As a Device Co-op member, you can:
  • Connect your consumer journey across devices—with or without login.
  • Measure, segment, target and advertise directly to individuals across devices.
  • Maintain and strengthen trust with customers by effectively using Device Co-op Privacy tools (e.g., opt out).

A personalization architecture
that keeps getting better.


Why does it matter?

In the digital age, being rapidly responsive while staying relevant to the customer has evolved from a nice-to-have expectation to a business imperative. But doing this in the multi-channel, multi-device world of the empowered consumer is only achievable with a state-of-the-art personalization engine.

What you need

An intelligent testing tool: Apart from creating a strong customer intelligence platform, have the tools to conduct A/B test of offers, recommendations and experiences. This will help you to continuously evaluate the effectiveness your digital assets and campaigns and rapidly test, optimize and target offers and experiences that instantly resonate with your customers.

A flawless delivery engine: Have a tool that enables you to meticulously control and deliver consistent cross-channel campaigns and experiences. Close the loop by measuring the performance of your campaigns and experiences and improvise and optimize your cross-channel strategy.

  • Having a closed loop personalization framework can enable you to rapidly and repeatedly deliver experiences that are timed to perfection, concurrently boosting conversion and ROI of your digital solutions.

Digital skills, digital mindset.


Why have it?

Taking true advantage of your web experience foundation takes more than just deploying the relevant technologies and tools. To make sure your digital investments pay off well, your people strategy around training and upskilling your teams becomes just as important as the portfolio of technology tools you implement.

What you need

An ongoing digital training program: Bringing digital to the forefront needs a cultural evolution within the organization. You need to invest in an ongoing training program that helps you and your teams to build the digital mindset and preparedness in terms of skills and capabilities—essential to keep up with the pace of change in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • To make sure your digital investments pay off well, your people strategy around training and upskilling your teams becomes just as important as the portfolio of technology tools you implement.

1. Top Four People-Based Marketing Use Cases
2. Adobe Announces Cross-Device Co-op to Enable People-Based Marketing

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