If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.
Peter Drucker1

While your organization may have the best reservoir of customer data, without reliable marketing attribution measurement tools and skills in place, determining critical points along the customer journey can become anyone’s guess. A good marketing attribution model—the sum of good data, good channel tracking and good conversion tracking—can go a long way in enabling you to build the high ground from where you can quickly and accurately gauge the effectiveness of your channels, content and campaigns.

Looking at attribution, through the marketer's lens.


Organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights [for attribution] outperform peers by 85% in sales growth2.


50% of marketers reported "trusting my gut" as the primary resource for making decisions about marketing budgets3.


The average marketer uses 13 channels to drive his or her marketing and media objectives4.


Among those marketers using attribution, 28% still use single click methods5.


Only one in nine marketers use advanced
attribution methods6.

Challenges that make attribution a tough target to nail.

Explosion of

Consumers are interacting with a variety of online and offline channels.

Incomplete view of data and the customer.

Organizations don't have the tools to tie all their offline and online data sources together. Only 13% of companies feel strongly they have identified their customers’ journey and where to focus marketing7.

Single-channel attribution models.

Organizations are struggling to deploy multi-channel and cross-device attribution, leaving gaps in customer insights and channel effectiveness.

Difficulty getting past last click.

Companies that embrace data-driven attribution gain a significant advantage over competitors that rely on last click or simple rules-based attribution approaches8.

Measuring marketing, up and close.

A successful attribution program for your organization is a framework of people, process and technology that enables you to enhance the value of your data and view the performance of all marketing channels and tactics side-by-side in a single place.

An effective marketing attribution program will enable you to:


online and offline data in a single customer profile.


personalized content and offers with rich data.


content delivery across any marketing channel.


results and gain insights for the next campaign.


your marketing mix through continuous testing.


the value of each marketing touchpoint.


Four essentials of building a high-performance attribution framework.



Define the strategic and technical vision.

Always keep your attribution strategy in your line of sight.

Clearly define the strategy and business vision. This helps you attribute precise events within a single view of each customer and understand how every addressable marketing touchpoint influences a customer success.

Determine what you expect the program to do that will improve results and how you will measure whether it’s doing that.

Take help of an expert to establish a set of enterprise goals that better reflect your multichannel behavior.



Implement attribution data and tools using best practices.

Build a firm architectural foundation. Then call the shots with confidence.

Undo the marketing complexity with out-of-the-box attribution models9 to compare how your marketing is doing holistically across channels.

Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales by gauging the impact of content, channels and campaigns on conversion.

Stay away from attribution models that focus merely on measuring the impact of top-of-funnel paid media on a conversion.

Get recommendations and advice from a domain expert to ensure usable data is being captured and the results from the platform lead to appropriate action.

Enablement and


Review models, build skills,
drive adoption.

Build a strong, skillful team to easily navigate through the marketing maze.

Involve internal teams and stakeholders throughout the attribution implementation process to proactively engage them and address their concerns.

Educate every stakeholder as many times as is needed so they recognize that the power of attribution management comes from a complex but comprehensible approach.

Involve your IT organization early and often, as they can bring valuable knowledge about how and where your data lives, and how it can most effectively be integrated into the program.

Enable your team to build the skills needed to effectively roll-out their attribution programs. To help brands achieve this goal, Adobe offers role-based and solution capability based training programs10.



Ensure value

Target superior value realization. Get guided by experts.

Build the scale and agility to use your attribution framework to convert insights into action and also effectively expand and adapt the modeling as your business changes.

Manage and maintain the ongoing hygiene and efficacy of your attribution framework. The good part is, your attribution solution providers can help you navigate the operational, technical or even people-related complexity and changes needed to operationalize and sustain the effectiveness and accuracy of your attribution program.

Engage experts to formalize the process and best practices for governance and optimization of your attribution strategy. For example, formalizing the governance of the data—where it lives, how it is integrated, what will trigger changes, and how those changes will be communicated early on—minimizes the chance that the data will suddenly "break" at some point down the road.

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